Facilitation and Presentation Techniques
by Yvette Sapp & Katrina Hunter

Yvette Sapp and Katrina Hunter are both experienced trainers with the Center for Child and Family Studies at the University of South Carolina. In this role, they strive to provide adult learners with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be successful in their profession. This page has been created to provide information to entry level trainers on facilitation and presentation techniques that will hopefully assist in being successful in their new career as a professional trainer.

This lesson includes three modules, which will each provide an explanation of why the information within the module is important for trainers to consider, as well as tips to assist trainers with incorporating the knowledge in their job performance. Modules include Creating a Learning Environment, Presentation Behavior, and Facilitation Techniques. Click below to view each module.

Module 1:
Creating a Learning Environment
Module 2:
Presentation Behavior
Module 3:
Facilitation Techniques

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